Loan Market Infolink Podcast – June 2015

With introductions and comments from Peter Camphin.

  • Stephen Scahill – Loan Market Chief Operating Officer
    Stephen talks about the 2 initiatives that will gain market share, boost communications and streamline the processes for brokers, agency principals, salespeople and the public. Stephen also has news about a new white label loan product.
  • Graeme Sharp – Ray White Toowong, Stones Corner and Project Marketing
    Graeme runs very successful businesses and the integration of Loan Market has proven to be a huge boost. Hear how he has done it and what advice he has for others.
  • Chris Todman – Farsta Training Academy
    Chris discusses what traits he sees in the best brokers, where do they commonly fall out, the churn rate and why it is so high and how to be better prepared to succeed.
  • David Allen – broker in Sutherland Shire
    David shares his insights about on how he integrates with agents.
Loan market June_2015
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