In this 20 minute webcast you will hear from people who are operating the new Version 10 of Rockend’s REST Professional in the field right now.  The benefits they derive on a daily basis and how they are using it to maximize productivity and increase the size and profitability of their business.

We talk to someone who manages a big holiday rental portfolio, someone who works in commercial leasing and the owner of a business looking to harness the latest in on line know how to help grow the business and keep it at the forefront of technology.If you are looking for the best web based system for your office that offers true mobile functionality, promotable and discernible points of differences, ease of operation, a system that offers secure access for owners and tenants and an automated system to benchmark your business and give easy to read KPI reports in an instant – then you will want to join us on this special webcast.Register now and receive an instant download of this webcast replay and you’ll be able to hear our experts’ insights.

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New South Wales
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Webcast featuring :

Mark Taylor
Taylors Estate

Charlie Campbell
LJ Hooker
Peregian Beach

Ruth Smyth
Hills Commercial
Kevin Turner
Real Estate Uncut