Do you want to be known as the trusted area expert?

We all know vendors choose agents that they trust and who have a great reputation. Now you can make yourself the expert by having a …

Custom Produced Interview Program
That Positions You As A Leading Expert In Your Area.

Here is what this CD Interview Program can do for you!

  • Position you as the real estate expert in your patch
  • You become a trusted advisor. It establishes trust between you and your prospective client and reduces their initial barriers and defenses.
  • Have a marketing asset that builds your credibility and positions you as an expert in your field.
  • Builds a powerful relationship with your listener. They learn about you, your business and services in a relaxed environment where your message is controlled by you.
  • Answers common questions your prospects have about your services.

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John McGrath
Michael Sheargold

Mat Steinwede

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10 Powerful Ways to Use Your Interview
To Create Trusted Expert Status:

Here is what our CD Interview Program can do for you:

  1. As a powerful component of your listing pack
  2. Solidify your trusted advisor role by giving the CD to your existing clients
  3. Use it on your web site as proof of your expert agent status
  4. Have it transcribed to create articles, blog posts & more
  5. As great On Hold Messages (way better than the local radio station!)
  6. Give to your past clients to rekindle your relationship
  7. Send it to the media as attention-grabbing press release
  8. Use it as a podcast to draw in new prospects
  9. Send by email to convert web generated leads
  10. Give away as a “freebie” at open for inspections and become an experts to all the prospective purchasers

Here Is Our Proven Process

Kevin Turner will be your coach & interview you using professional, state of the art, digital recording and editing equipment. He’s interviewed all the leading real estate agents in Australasia interviewed hundreds of people and will handle all the details. You can relax and answer questions about you, your agency and the local market from the comfort of your own home or office and get the best quality results without any technical worries whatsoever.

Your Investment

If I were to break out each piece of the production for the Expert Interview separately, the value is worth $2975.

Your Program Package Includes: Value
Total Value $2,975
1. Professionally recorded interview conducted by Kevin Turner, lasting around 20 minutes including pre-interview research $750
2. Professional editing of interview, post production and mastering $300
3. Show Introduction / Closing $200
4. Conversion Of Interview To MP3 Files $35
5. Custom CD Artwork for CD $425
6. Intro and Outro Music Licenses $175
7. Commercial produced for you or your business to be included on CD $720
8. Inclusion on Real Estate Uncut’s area experts page for 12 months $245
9. Genuine backlink to your own website from Real Estate Uncut, to promote your own website within the Search Engines $80

Don't pay $2,975!Because I am able to bundle these services, streamline the production process and negotiate terms with my graphics team, CD Duplicator and voice talent, I’m able to offer the interview to you at a substantial reduction.

You Have 2 Options

Option A – 2 payments

I understand a 50% Deposit must be made to schedule my interview. Please charge my card for just $750 now to start production. I’ll pay the balance of $750 before I receive the edited interview and artwork and my satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

My investment is only $1,500

Purchase Now!

Option B – Kevin, yes I want the discount.

Or SAVE An Additional $250!

Please charge my card for a one (1) time payment of just $1,250 now and I’ll save an additional $250! My satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed!

My Investment is only = $1,250!

Purchase Now!

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People who see the power of the Interview Program recognize the value of this powerful marketing tool and have no problem making the investment. They know it will pay for itself many times over.


This Offer Has A Triple Guarantee And It Comes With My
12-Month, unconditional satisfaction guarantee..

  1. I guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with your experience working with me.
  2. I guarantee the quality of your interview program and artwork. And,
  3. I guarantee the deadline I give you will be met.

If I fail to meet any ONE of these conditions, I will refund 100% of your costs to produce the program. You risk absolutely nothing.

This is a unique program that can help position you for success during this tough economy. I urge you to take advantage of this offer right away because I have limited production time and can only do 2 interviews each week.

I look forward to working with you.

Sincerely, Kevin Turner