Sponsored Channels Setup

Gain access to one of Australia’s largest and most active property investor communities in the country.

The Process

We need a minimum of three (ideally five) posts in order to launch the Sponsored Channel. These posts can be either text (including images), video or audio. All of the details we require are included in the form below.

Technical Requirements

We accept Microsoft Word and HTML documents. Make sure all images are resized and embedded in the document.
After you have uploaded the video to YouTube (or Video) provide the link to us and we will take care embedding the video into the article. If you also have text associated with the video, upload the Microsoft Word or HTML document.
Include the URL to where you are hosting the audio content (Amazon or similar). If you are including text, upload the Microsoft Word or HTML document.
If you have any trouble uploading documents, please contact us and we respond promptly.

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