Real Estate Talk Sponsorship User Manual


Thank you for taking sponsorship with Real Estate Talk.
This sponsorship will increase your brand awareness plus give you access to an extensive database of property investors and property professionals with weekly shows going out each Saturday to just over 40,000 subscribers.
What is included with your Sponsorship

  • 12 Month Sponsorship @$2,000 per month
  • 2 x EDM per annum
  • Show Credits on Real Estate Talk
  • Logo on site with clickable link
  • Logo on show page with clickable link
  • 1 x 30 sec commercial per week

Please read through the following manual to help you get started. If you have any questions please click here.

2 x Advertising EDMs per annum – Artwork Specifications

EDMs must be a combination of text and images. Supplying one large image only will not be accepted as it will trigger spam filters.
Specifications required are as follows:

  • Dimensions (WxH): 600 x 1000 px (max)
  • File Size Max 300kbcode>
  • Supply as single HTML FIle with embedded link/s 48 hours prior to send

EDM artwork is to be provided by you and emailed here. EDMs will be accepted and reviewed every Wednesday for mail out within 48 hours.
The technical specifications are as follows:

  • HTML with embedded images (images externally hosted by yourself with full URL reference in the HTML)
  • HTML file needs to be fully assembled links and images already in place)
  • Include subject line for your EDM (55 characters max)
  • Layout should be a HTML table
  • No external style sheets (in-line styling only)
  • Each image should be less than 100K, with total for all images to be less than 300K
  • Images jpg, gif or png (RGB format)
  • Images 72 DPI (max)
  • HTML – Supplied EDM must have embedded images hosted on your server and all CSS styles must be line, ie. not specified in the header of the HTML
  • DO NOT supply the EDM as an existing landing page
  • Please test it works as a stand-alone file before sending to us – any sponsor alterations made after the EDM test has been sent out may incur additional charges
  • Do not embed Flash or animated images within the code as they may not display in email applications
  • Additional charges will apply for fixing poorly formatted / broken HTML. We do not slice supplied images into HTML
  • EDM must be supplied 48 hours before the campaign mail out date and emailed here.

Show Credits

Kevin Turner will promote your company and include show credits before or at the end of his weekly shows. Kevin will be in contact with you to discuss.
To see how this is incorporated into a show please go to the following link

Logo on Real Estate Talk site and show with clickable link

Please provide your company logo with the following specs together with the url of your landing page. Click here to email.

  • Company logo image to be 150 x 150 px JPEG or PNG.

Your logo with your URL will appear on all Real Estate Talk pages with the exception of the Sponsored Channel.

1 to 30 sec Commercial

The process for your 1 to 30 Sec commercial is as follows:

  • Kevin Turner will contact you and organise a recording for a 1 to 30 sec commercial.
  • When completed a copy of the recording will be forwarded to you for approval.
  • Once approved the commercial will be advertised on the Real Estate Talk show – approximately 2 weeks after approval.
  • If the you require changes to the commercial please advise Kevin Turner within 1 week. You may make changes “one time only”. If further changes are required then this may incur further charges.

To see an example of how your commercial will be incorporated into the show please go the follow link to view the latest show