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Embrace | Focus | Execute | CONNECT

Watch as Kevin Turner talks with Inman contributor Bernice Ross. Bernice Ross hosted to a series of interviews. Her guests are the undisputed thought leaders in their respective fields
If you would like to know more about the future of press, social media strategies, turning leads into deals, farming, podcasting, marketing and some great ideas about building a first class business, then you’ll find the answers in this 7-series of interview videos.

Social Media Marketing Secrets – Sue Koch

The first in our series with Bernice is her chat with Sue Koch – Owner of Soaring Solutions, a Chicago based social media strategy, consulting and training organization and a Speaker providing educational (and entertaining) presentations for conferences.

Watch to know more about Sue’s vision and knowledge about social media marketing for agent.

Leveling up your productivity – Terri Murphy

This episode is based on the best productivity secrets from highly profitable and productive agents to help you implement accelerated results.

Watch as how Bernice Ross interviews Terri Murphy – author, speaker, president and founder of

Inman Show No 3 – Michael Krisa

In this fast paced tech world with, it seems, that everything revolves around the Internet – you’d be excused the thinking the print is dead. That is not the case according to Michael Krisa as you’ll hear in this episode of the Inman show.

Watch as how Bernice Ross interviews Michael Krisa.
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Inman Show No 4 – Matt Johnson and Greg McDaniel

This episode is about trend of going completely digital, and how relational marketing is more important than ever for your success in 2019. This session Greg and Matt will provide proven strategies that really work.
Watch as how Bernice Ross interviews Matt Johnson and Greg McDaniel – founder and co-host of the Real Estate Uncensored weekly podcast.
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Inman Show No 5 – Chris Smith

In this episode Chris Smith will share the secrets that will allow you to turn those seemingly worthless leads into clients who will close a transaction with you.
Watch as how Bernice Ross interviews Chris Smith – USA Today best-selling author of The Conversion Code, co-founder of Curaytor, and speaker, with Turning Leads into Customers.
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Inman Show No 6 – Byron Short

This episode is about traditional agents throughout the Phoenix-Scottsdale area are facing what is probably the largest iBuyer market in the U.S., with Open Door, Zillow, and Offer pad all operating in this market.
Watch as how Bernice Ross interviews Byron Short – broker-owner of Success Property Brokers in Scottsdale (Phoenix), Arizona.
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Inman Show No 7 – Debra Trappen

This is the last in the series but you can see them all now at

In this powerful session, Debra zeroes in on the mindset and the tools you will need to define the perfect niche audience for your business.

Watch as how Bernice Ross interviews Debra Trappen –  One of the four key leaders in the California Association of Realtors WomanUP!
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