Auctioning Property For Sale – Why Are Real Estate Auctions So Successful in Australia?

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Have you always wanted to know how property auctions work or why they are successful in other parts of the world? We have compiled this very special series with the best of the industry, just for you.

In this 7 part video series, we speak to a broker representing buyers and sellers, a buyer’s agent and one of the countries most skilled auctioneers, about why buyers sellers and brokers in Australia see the auction process differently.

As you’ll learn, the secret is that it is a process that delivers a positive outcome for all parties – if it’s conducted professionally and not as a ”last resort” method of sale.

We ask buyer’s agent Veronica Morgan, sellers and buyers agent Matthew Hayson and auctioneer Phil Parker about how auctions work, what a buyer and seller should expect, the role of the auctioneer, making offers before and after auction, bidding strategies and if the auction process suits all properties.

If you would like to know more about how auctions work and, probably more importantly, why some auctions fail, then you’ll find the answers in this series of videos.

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