Hold Back On the ‘Pause’

Over one million homeowners have already contacted or plan to contact their lender regarding a pause in their mortgage repayments. Taylor Blackburn, a money specialist at Finder, says that should be your last resort. Continue reading Hold Back On the ‘Pause’

A New Model For Seniors and 1M Plus Home Owners Approach The Bank

Here are the highlights for this week’s show: Hold back on the ‘pause’ Read this BEFORE you bid Early indicators are encouraging The West could lead us out A better alternative for elderly homeowners #RealEstateTalkPlus #HomeOwnners #RealEstateMarket #Seniors #AuctionReady #Buyers #Sellers   Continue reading A New Model For Seniors and 1M Plus Home Owners Approach The Bank

Asking Prices Hold As Listings Disappear

Sellers struggled to sell their properties over April and new sellers deferred listing. The housing market has clearly been weakened by the coronavirus and the restrictions placed on the economy to limit the outbreak. Louis Christopher does not pull any punches in talking about the current and future market conditions.   Continue reading Asking Prices Hold As Listings Disappear

Experts Say ‘don’t buy now’

Despite the lowest interest rates we have seen in a long time and the RBA leaving it that way this week, almost 60% of market experts say now is not a good time to buy. Indicating that prices will fall further. Where will the falls happen and by how much? Graham Cooke from Finder has the detail. Continue reading Experts Say ‘don’t buy now’

Landlord Returns Suffer

COVID-19 is having varied impacts on residential property, but arguably the biggest impact could be in the rental space. Prior to COVID-19, the Australian rental market was already weak. Because as we reported last week from CoreLogic – rent values increased 0.3% nationally over the month of March. An increase sure but it was down from a recent peak growth rate of 0.5% in January … Continue reading Landlord Returns Suffer

The Difficulty In Buying Now

How difficult is it now, with Coronavirus restrictions on business, to find, negotiate, make an offer, source funding and settle on a home purchase? We can answer most of those questions by talking to Sam White Chairman of Loan Market – the largest mortgage broking business in Australia and New Zealand and associated with the largest real estate franchise in those countries as well – … Continue reading The Difficulty In Buying Now

Empty Nesters Can’t Move

Older Australians are living in their home years longer than is suitable for them, or their stage of life, because they fear market uncertainty and the costs associated with selling. Adam Rigby says State Governments have the solution but are they willing to make the changes?   Continue reading Empty Nesters Can’t Move

Older Aussies Trapped and ‘Not a Good Time to Buy’

Here are the highlights for this week’s show: · Why the markets will not drop by 30% · Rents on the decline · Agents ignore social distancing · Nervous sellers withdraw · Banks are showing heart #RealEstateTalkPlus #Rents #PropertyMarket #Coronavirus #SocialDistancing #BrisbaneMarket Continue reading Older Aussies Trapped and ‘Not a Good Time to Buy’

Banks Are Showing Heart

Mortgage brokers around Australia are seeing a lot of compassion being demonstrated by major lenders. Paul Newell from Nectar Mortgages gives some good advice to anyone struggling to meet home loan repayments and general living expenses.   Continue reading Banks Are Showing Heart

Nervous Sellers Withdraw

Shannon Davis gives an insight into what is being classed by some as one of the most conservative buyer and seller property markets in the country. He says the Brisbane market is currently suffering from ”nervous seller syndrome”.   Continue reading Nervous Sellers Withdraw